My passion for photography began in middle school when I came across my mom's old Pentax camera buried in the back of the closet. I dug it out and signed up for photography in our local 4-H club and the rest is history! Although I went on to study business in college and currently have a full-time job in corporate America, taking photos has always been an exciting hobby for me.

Travel photography was my initial focus. Blessed with travel opportunities through school, work and leisure, I have visited 6 continents and over 25 countries! As you can imagine, I returned home from each trip with hundreds of amazing photos. The great feedback that I received from friends and family members inspired me to start my photography business, Amanda Jean Photography. I am pleased to offer snapshots of my journeys through quality prints and canvases that you can explore in my gallery.

I am especially passionate about capturing the emotions and feelings of people through photography. Seeing a client light up when I capture just the right moment is always an amazing experience for me. I am excited about being a part of preserving memories that will last a lifetime and be passed on to future generations.